Cooking with Abiola Adekoya

Abiola Adekoya is the CEO of a stockbroking business in Nigeria by day and an amazing chef by night! She’s often called “Foodiewaka” because she travels the world and makes it a point to really explore the gastronomy of the regions she visits. Check her out @foodiewaka on Instagram.

Biola, for short, is an amazing cook and she offered to prepare a Moroccan themed dinner for six women while we taped an episode about navigating life in the context of being a Nigerian woman.

The menu may be found below! What I find beautiful about this story is that I meet so many women who have followed the “right” path having pursued careers in finance, law, engineering, medicine, etc but they really have a passion for something else.

Abiola’s story shows that you can juggle a lot of things and be a FULL person. You can have a side hustle or your side hustle can become your main hustle. Just be YOU. Thank you, Abiola!

Starter: Prawns grilled in Moroccan spices served with roasted pistachio and pomegranate Main Course: - Lamb Tagine - Grilled Fish - Couscous Tabouleh - Steamed Basmati Rice - Grilled Vegetables Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding served with ice cream and a pistachio caramel dust

Dinner Talk with Friends

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